Worlds #1 Nuru Gel

Built On Your Satisfaction

We’re a young company that believes your pleasure and satisfaction is important to your everyday life. Therefore, we created a vegan-friendly, oil-free gel that is formulated for safe massage and sexual play purposes. Made with natural ingredients, the Nurulicious Nuru Gel X provides a super slick result that’s long-lasting to help provide exceptional service. 

Nuru Gel X is meant to minimize irritation and friction, making it safe for sensitive skin to ensure a moisturizing and smooth feeling for yourself and your partner. It’s oderless and can easily be washed off when done. Here at Nurulicious, we ensure a shame-free environment and strive to create safe and pleasurable products for all to have a fun and healthy sex life. 


Why use Nuru Glide X?

Nuru Glide X is formulated to provide the highest satisfaction with long-lasting, natural, and slippery results.

What makes Nuru Glide X unique?

Nuru Glide X was formulated for Japanese nuru massage practitioners with advisement from nuru massage practitioners. Our formula is all natural and vegan.

Who uses Nuru Glide X?

Nuru Glide X was created for those performing/recieving intimate massages and regular sexual activity.

Is Nuru Glide X safe to use with condoms?


Where can I Use Nuru Glide X?

Nuru Glide X can be used topically, as well as for penetrative sex. 

Is Nuru Glide safe to use during pregnancy?

Yes. The cervix is closed tight and therefore, there is no chance for it to reach baby.

Do Nuru Glide X contain parabens?

Yes. In order to preserve the quality and life of Nuru Glide X, it does contain a small amount.

How long does Nuru Glide lasts?

While in use, Nuru Glide X can last for up to 30 minutes. However, an entire bottle is good for up to 1-2 years.

Can Nuru Glide X be used with a spermicidal lubricant?


What happens if Nuru Glide X is swallowed during intimate activity?

Nuru Glide X is safe to swallow during intimate activity. 

Are there animal products in Nuru Glide X?

No. Nuru Glide X contains vegan ingredients and good for all to use.